The process of requesting, gathering, and sorting through paper documents, electronic media, and other evidence from parties can be time-consuming. Trust the professionals at Legal Language Services to catalog your discovery documents and create indexes and databases for your most vital cases.

Our skilled professionals are known for their legal background and extensive knowledge of specialized terminology and protocol. We’ll organize and summarize your discovery documents on-time and on-budget, mitigating the need for extensive in-house work and allowing you to focus your time and effort elsewhere.

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Personalized Service that Meets Your Budget

At LLS, we emphasize customized solutions for each of our clients. Not matter how big or small your project, we’ll find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Trusted by National Governments

Legal Language has been designated as the official interpreters and translators for a number of national governments including France, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, and the United States. We routinely provide legal interpreting for US federal proceedings,  international conferences, televised interviews, and visiting dignitaries.

35+ Years of Experience

Our attorneys and paralegals see in a week what most attorneys see in a lifetime of litigation. With more than 35 years experience facilitating legal proceedings across the US, we are the industry’s leading litigation and language support company.

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Additional Services Available to Our Clients

As a full-service support company, we can assist you with more than just legal discovery.

  • Verbatim Transcriptions. The transcriptionists of Legal Language work with more than 30 types of analog, digital and electronic media formats.
  • Certified Translations. We can translate and certify your analog tape or digital media file in 200+ languages and dialects.
  • On-site recording. Skilled audio engineers are available to install and maintain state-of-the-art recording equipment during your next legal proceeding.

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Since 1983, Legal Language has facilitated hundreds of thousands of legal proceedings and conferences all over the world.

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