Interpreting in US Venues

Legal Interpreting in Every US State & Territory

Interpreting for legal proceedings demands accuracy — and if you need accurate interpreting services in the US, you need Legal Language Services.

Law firms, sole practitioners and government agencies have turned to Legal Language since 1983 for reliable legal interpreting in 157 languages and dialects.

Legal Proceedings That Require Interpreters

Legal Language’s expert interpreters provide services for a wide range of legal proceedings, including:

empty courtroom

Legal hearings


Arbitrations and mediation sessions

Attorney-client meetings


Meet Your State’s Interpreting Requirements

Let Legal Language help you navigate the US interpreting requirements that differ from state to state.

Some US states and territories have highly structured guidelines that differ in each judicial district. Other US states have lightly regulated interpreting rules regarding certification and procedures.

Legal Language’s team of account executives and professional interpreters are familiar with the interpreting guidelines of the US state where your legal proceeding is located.

Interpreting Services that Meet Your Needs

Legal Language’s interpreters provide a variety of services to meet all of your interpreting needs throughout the US. What’s more, Legal Language offers interpreting in non-US venues as well.

Wherever you need an interpreter, Legal Language can help you determine what type of interpreting is right for you.

Consecutive interpreting may be used in both formal and informal settings. After one person speaks, an interpreter will render the speaker’s words into a second language. A second speaker responds in that language, and the linguist then interprets the response into the first language.

For larger or more formal proceedings, simultaneous interpreting, also known as UN-style interpreting, may be used. The interpreter renders the speaker’s words into a different language in real time with the aid of specialized equipment including wireless headsets and soundproof booths.

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